Get your favourite Italian dishes to taste perfect every time

Italian cuisine is widely popular world over, loved by kids and grown-ups alike. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a live cricket match or just a casual get together with friends, a slice of Pizza or a bowl of Pasta have become a fail-safe menu.

What is that magic ingredient that gives that sweet-tangy flavour and enhances the flavour of our favourite Pizzas and Pastas? Yes, you are right, it’s the tomato sauce! In fact, classic tomato sauce is popularly regarded as the mother sauce, which forms the base of many other sauces used in Italian cuisine. From coating cannelloni to adding flavour to meatball and spaghetti and topping pizzas, the tomato sauce forms the foundation of many traditional Italian dishes.

Since tomato sauce is integral to the authentic Italian flavour of the dish, it’s important to get it right. One needs to choose tomatoes with the right sweet and sour flavour balance, cook them for the right amount of time to get that perfect sauce with just the right consistency. Fully ripened plum tomatoes are the right varieties to ensure the perfectly balanced flavours in the sauce.

However, the availability of flavoursome tomatoes in India is season dependent. Since the quality and taste of tomatoes varies throughout the year, foodservice kitchens and chefs struggle to live up to the promise of offering consistent flavour to customers.




Discover the goodness of Kagome tomatoes – Consistent Flavour with Convenience


What if you could ensure consistent colour, authentic Italian flavour and thick texture every time for your Italian dishes? With the added benefit of reduced time and effort in terms of boiling, grinding and cooking tomatoes?

That’s completely possible now with Kagome’s Italian Pizza Pasta Sauce, which has No Added Preservatives or Artificial Flavours. This sauce is made from fully ripened, high quality tomatoes grown using specialized seeds given by Kagome to contract farmers in Nashik. Kagome also educates farmers on cultivation best practices, helping them grow high yield, high quality tomatoes at a low cost.

Kagome’s Italian Pizza Pasta sauce is manufactured as per stringent Japanese quality standards in Kagome’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nasik and packed using world-class packaging equipment. The result is a rich, thick, flavourful Italian Pizza Pasta sauce, with consistent flavour and price throughout the year. Kagome’s Italian Pizza Pasta sauce is a great tool in the hands of chefs, empowering them to ensure perfect taste and Authentic Italian flavour in no time.

Apart from Italian Pizza Pasta sauce, Kagome’s product range also includes Classic Pizza Sauce, Crushed Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Tomato Makhani Gravy Base, Thick Tomato Concentrate and Tomato Soup Base to meet Foodservice’s diverse tomato-based requirements. With the magic of Kagome’s tomato products, you can get the winning combination of Global Quality Products at Local Prices.

Choose Kagome for an enhance cooking experience. If it’s tomatoes, it’s Kagome!