Magic formula for making perfect Indian curries

Indian curries and gravies are known worldwide for their taste, richness and mouth-watering flavours. At the base of that distinct sweet-tangy flavour of Indian curries is tomatoes—the heart and soul of Indian curries. Be it Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Makhani or Pav Bhaji, it is tomatoes that balance the spices and bring out the burst of flavours in the poster dishes of Indian cuisine.


The magic of making a perfect Indian curry is using tomatoes the right way. One needs to choose the right tomatoes and put them in the right quantity to get that perfect consistency. Unlike most other cuisines, appropriate tomatoes for Indian cooking are not the ones that are sweet but the ones that have some tartness. Tomatoes in Indian gravies and curries play the role of souring agents and add a thick texture and tangy flavour to the dish.


Hence, culinary experts always prefer using home-grown tomatoes as opposed to the foreign and hybrid varieties, which are less on tanginess. Native tomatoes give our curries the rich-red colour and ‘khatta-meetha’ flavour, a signature flavour of lip-smacking Indian curries.


Consistent taste and quality each time, every time


However, how can foodservice kitchens ensure taste and freshness of good quality tomatoes all-year round? This is where Kagome Food India comes into picture and promises convenience, consistency and customizability with its Preservative Free tomato products, providing an enhanced cooking experience to chefs.


The biggest advantage with Kagome products is that they offer consistent quality and price throughout the year, owing to the company’s unique seed to table model. Kagome ensures that its products are made from high quality tomatoes, grown in India. For this, it works with contract farmers in Nashik and supplies them specialized, tested and approved seeds that are of a variety developed for processing. Kagome’s agronomists educate farmers on cultivation best practices, helping them grow high yield, high quality tomatoes at a low cost. Once these tomatoes are fully ripened, they are harvested, sorted, crushed and packed, using world-class manufacturing and packaging equipment at the company’s state-of-the-art plant in Nasik. The rigorous quality controls ensure that the company always offers Global Quality Products at Local Prices.

Kagome’s portfolio targeted at Indian cuisine includes Crushed Tomatoes, Tomato Puree and Tomato Makhani Gravy Base. Crushed Tomatoes, a one of its kind product, offers rich red colour, chunky texture and freshness of tomatoes.  Chefs no longer need to spend time boiling, crushing tomatoes, and can enjoy convenience and consistent quality, at their fingertips. For thick texture and rich flavour, you can pick Kagome’s Tomato Puree. It adds tangy flavour and the perfect thick texture to Indian gravies. Tomato Makhani Gravy Base offers authentic North Indian flavour, with the richness of aromatic Indian spices. It offers colour, flavour, thickness and texture like Makhani gravy made from scratch, and saves chefs hours of preparation time. With No Added Preservatives or Artificial Flavours, Kagome products offer consistent quality and price throughout the year, a huge plus for the foodservice kitchens. Plus, they bring in convenience in terms of reduced cooking time and effort and are very easy to customize.


With the magic of Kagome’s tomato products, you can get the winning combination of Global Quality Products at Local Prices. Get ready to make mouth-watering Indian curries and gravies throughout the year! If it’s tomatoes, it’s Kagome!