Crushed Tomatoes/

  • Made in Nashik in collaboration with local farmers, Kagome Crushed Tomatoes have:
  • Freshness of freshly picked tomatoes
  • Chunky texture, ideal for cooking
  • No added preservatives, Flavour or Colour

Product Concept:/

100% Replacement of Fresh Tomato





  • Consistency in Price and Quality (throughout the year)
  • Convenience of reduced cooking time (>50%) and cooking effort
  • Customizability in various Indian and Italian menu applications

Key Benefits for Chefs:/

Key Benefits for Chefs

Cooking Steps/

1 kg of Kagome Crushed Tomato/

2.3 kg of fresh tomatoes/

Net weight: 1 kg , Case configuration: 12 X 1 kg,

Suggested Menu Applications/


Paneer Makhani

Butter Chicken

Chicken Tikka Masala

Paneer Kadhai


Arrabbiata Pasta

Pizza Margherita

Tomato Soup

Pink Sauce Pasta