Offering Global Quality Products at Local Price/

We offer convenient and customizable base solutions to chefs/

Our launch portfolio comprises of the following products/

Crushed Tomatoes/

  • Freshness of freshly picked tomatoes
  • Chunky texture, ideal for cooking
  • No added preservatives, flavor or color
  • Consistency in quality and price, all year round

Tomato Puree/

  • Made from a processing specific tomato variety
  • With consistent rich red color and flavor
  • No added preservatives, flavor or color

Ready to Cook Solutions/

Significant saving in cooking time and effort, without compromising on quality.
Easy to customize, to lend your signature taste to the menu./

Tomato Makhani Gravy Base/

Italian Pizza Pasta Sauce/

Tomato Soup Base/

If it’s Tomatoes, it’s Kagome/